Estonian government invests in Drupal for websites and self-service channels

Wunderkraut’s case story tells us how the Estonian government chose Drupal 7 as their platform to create a common “website distro” for several government websites.

“The aim was to create similarly designed and structured websites of the Government, Government Office and 11 ministries, that they could form together a common online environment.”

Take-aways / comments:

Drupal makes a lot of sense for government organizations since government sites tend to have long lifecycles and many special requirements. Also, being truly open-source makes sharing code easier and opens opportunities to be more cost-effective.

“The Government Office has hired a dedicated Drupal webmaster to oversee the deployment and continuous development processes.”

Smart move, and pretty critical for Drupal since it can easily get out of control if agencies are left working without strong in-house coordination.

Read the case story from Wunderkraut’s website.

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