Native apps are for special cases only

This case story tells a story of a failed B2B app. Nothing very special here, but a good explanation why an app-first approach doesn’t really work for the B2B world.

Case story: Why you shouldn’t bother creating a mobile app.


  • The article has a good list of categories where apps work especially well: 1) Messaging (SMS, social networks, Slack, etc.), 2) Calendar, 3) Maps, 4) Email, 5) Camera / Photos, 6) Transportation, 7) Music, 8) Social networks, 9) News, 10) Candy Crush (= games). I might add videos and live streaming to the list. News is a category which I think is debatable, even though big news corporations will certainly have apps also in the future.
  • I think transportation is a special business category for native apps. Many companies in that area have good business reasons for apps, and therefore we probably will have a lot of transportation related apps on our phones in the future, even though many other business categories will be most likely moving away from native apps towards web apps and standard websites.

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