Virgin America launches new travel app

Travel and transportation are areas where apps certainly are booming. Virgin America is the latest airline to launch their app. The purpose of their app is to make their customers’ life easier, especially after the initial purchase. The main purpose of Virgin America’s app seems to be helping their customers in navigating the complexities of the ‘travel day’. The app even has a “serious” mode, which activates 24 hours before your flight.

“24 hours before your flight, the app changes into “serious” mode since it assumes the reason you’re opening it is to check in. The color scheme switches from a white background to a black background and gone are the whimsical colors and graphics users saw during the booking phase. It’s all text to help you check in as efficiently as possible.”

Read the story of the new Virgin America app (case story by Work & Co agency).


  • Building the booking process inside the app is a slightly strange move. Many other travel companies are investing in making their booking processes work as web apps, and re-focusing their apps to be more ‘travel companions’.
  • It took one and a half years to design and develop the app (iOS and Android versions) – not a very short time period!
  • I don’t see Norwegian airlines investing in a similar app to this, but for Virgin America this kind of application development makes sense. They want to serve their most loyal customers with a “premium service app”. Norwegian airlines probably would create a very different kind of app, focusing on easy self-service, paying the food and wifi and other stuff.

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