The Economist does social media with a 10-person team

Reaching out to different channels is very critical for media companies, so following their work always gives good insights. For example, The Economist just recently started to invest more in LinkedIn. Many media companies are also experimenting with messaging bots with Line (good overview article to Line). Financial Times was the latest in September to start a chatbot in Line. All this experimentation requires resources, and it was interesting to learn that The Economist has a dedicated 10-person team focusing on social media channels.

‘We were wasting time churning out tweets’: The Economist guide to quality over quantity – DigidayAs the Economist’s social media team matures, it has moved away from playing a volume game to posting fewer posts of…

“The team, which has grown from two people to 10 in a year, mostly based in the U.K. office with a correspondent in Washington D.C. and Hong Kong, is now organized by platform, as well as regional beat. So, two social media writers are working on LinkedIn, four are working on Line.”

The takeways:

  • It has been a fairly recent development that brands have built dedicated social media teams. Even The Economist has expanded the team just recently (from two persons to 10 persons).
  • Right now, especially the rise of chatbots on different platforms is increasing the need for in-house teams. Chatbots require more hands-on work than traditional channels (web sites, mobile apps), and the brands are also using them as an opportunity to learn how to interact with customers. Especially Line is currently the “test platform” for many media companies when it comes to chatbots.

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