Bloomberg goes all in for native apps

Bloomberg is investing in native mobile apps and stating that apps are their new core delivery platform. This statement is a perfect example of how hard it is to navigate this space right now. Native apps make perfect sense for companies that have strong direct customer relationships, and are major brands. For the rest of the (media) companies, native apps are still most likely complete waste of money.

Quote from Scott Havens:

“We’re not walking away from social platforms; there are a lot of potential app downloads that can come from Facebook. But we want to bring users into a direct relationship. To forego that is essentially waving a white flag.”

For major brands, with strong direct relationships, native apps are the way to go right now. Especially news and media companies have waited for years that the web would somehow get ‘sorted out’. Right now, it is fairly easy to say that this isn’t happening.

And, the bigger the mess gets, the more Facebook wins.

Therefore, many of the big brands have decided to push into mobile apps, seeing those as their own delivery channels.

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